The Moment I Became A Leader

   Christian Steward 

      A steward for City Council District 8

I am a product of Denver:

I was born in Denver, I have attended Denver Public Schools and the University of Colorado-Denver. I own and operate small businesses in Denver. I started my family in Denver and I work for the City and County of Denver. I volunteer for Denver’s Dr. King Jr Marade, the nation’s largest celebration of Dr. King Jr. I have been the president of the East Colfax Neighborhood Association in Denver. I have completed 2 leadership programs based in Denver, The Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado and The Advanced Leadership Training Program. 

My first volunteer experience started during my attendance at the University of Colorado-Denver. I advocate, vote, and serve in Denver. I am a Community Connector professionally and personally. I feel responsible and accountable to my city, state, and nation by serving in my community. 

Vote Christian A. Steward A steward for Denver District 8. 

What makes this important?

The impact of creating laws, making them simple and collaborative. I am interested in making laws reflective of people and community lead principles. This is a major factor that drives my decision to run for city council district 8 

It is important to craft laws that are futuristic, creative, inclusive, and responsible.