Building Coalitions & Implementing Solutions

Leadership Style

Open-minded, curious and insightful, Christian has excellent long-range vision. He prefers action
to conversation and enjoys dealing with difficult situations the moment they arise. A born
entrepreneur, he is alert to all the possibilities and is fascinated by new ideas. He shows strong
initiative and operates through creative impulses.

1. Improving and modernizing government processes. 

  • Permitting 
  • Contracting, 
  • Payments, 
  • Community engagement and participation. 

2. Safety and wellness. 

  • Citizen patrol groups
  • Recruiting community to oversight committees 
  • Creating walking groups to connect neighborhoods 
  • Road diets and safe routes to school 
  • Vision Zero funding and education

3. Housing and workforce development. 

  • Creating stronger partnership between developers and community based organization, and residents to address the housing continuum, 
  • Working with city auditor to find creative  solutions
  • Create opportunity zones to fast track permitting to incentivize affordable housing developments 
  • Creating workshops to minimize time spent processing applications

4. Creating a consistent culture of respect and dignity for all residents, refugees, housed and unhoused, voters and nonvoters. 

  • Creating a platform that is representative of the majority and minority.